A Conversation with Jud Dolphin

40th Anniversary of the LUM Social Justice Ministry

Jud Dolphin, LUM executive director emeritus

Since its inception, Lafayette Urban Ministry has been engaged in social justice. Under the leadership of Jud Dolphin, LUM executive director emeritus, LUM became more intentional with social justice advocacy and created the first Director of Social Justice Ministry position. When reflecting on the beginning of social justice at LUM, Jud, remembers that, 

It was from the ground up. It was because we knew people who stood outside our office door every morning, seeking an advocate.

Jud worked with his team to advocate for our local neighbors in need, and the LUM Social Justice Ministry began with the LUM Advocacy Program in 1983. The goal was to diversify and go beyond “direct service” programming. As a model, he used the “Three Legs of LUM Social Justice” — #1 – Direct Service, #2 – Empowerment, and #3 – Policy.

Jud suggested that

“As an organization that has its root in people of faith that {LUM should be} spending some time understanding the social aspects of faith…and consciously studying and discussing ‘What Causes Poverty?'”

Jud is most proud of how LUM affected “how people do Church in Lafayette.” He is pleased that the LUM Social Justice Ministry has continued to make a difference in the lives of the people of Greater Lafayette. He shared that, 

We’re in a society where we want instant gratification — but social justice takes decades.”

And Jud asked, “what would you do otherwise?”

A Conversation with Jud Dolphin – Full Video

Below is the entire video of the Conversation with Jud Dolphin (25 minutes).

Suggested Reading from Jud Dolphin:

  • Poverty, by America by Matthew Desmond (2023)
  • The Other America– Poverty in the United States by Michael Harrington (1962; 1997)
  • The Politics of Jesus by John Howard Yoder (1972; 1994)

More exciting 40th Anniversary happenings:

Here are exciting upcoming 40th Anniversary highlights coming later this month:

  • PARTY – You are cordially invited to attend the 40th Anniversary PartyNEXT Wednesday, May 17 | 6:30 – 7 p.m. | LUM Office |
  • MILESTONES Joe Micon, executive director emeritus and retired Indiana state representative, shares the historical milestones of the ministry.
  • STAR VOLUNTEER – The recipient of the LUM Volunteer of the Month for May, who has contributed to the ministry in many ways, will be announced next week.
  • MEET the current LUM Social Justice Team, hear what they’re up to, and learn from Wes Tillett, current executive director, about the vision for ministry.

A strong, public voice for Indiana families and children in need

The LUM Social Justice Team is an alliance of faith-based organizations that engages local, state and federal officials on behalf of low-income Indiana families and children as well as individuals experiencing homelessness. Thank you for helping to support Indiana Families!

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