LUM Staff Take a Study Trip to Chicago

LUM Staff Learn from Aspirational Peers

As a part of the LUM Strategic Plan, staff members identified a number of “aspirational peers.” Last week, three staff members made a pilgrimage to Chicago to visit a few agencies that LUM aspires to emulate in performance, marketing, and reputation. Wes Tillett, executive director; Pablo Malavenda, executive program director; and Jeffrey Auguste, homeless services director, visited the following agencies:

  • St. Sabina Catholic Church – Food Distribution Center
  • Pacific Garden Mission – Homeless Services (largest in Chicago and oldest continuously operating in the US)
  • The Friendship Center – Food Pantry
  • Catholic Charities of Chicago & St. Vincent Center – Food Pantry
  • Lincoln Park Community Services (Presbyterian Church) – Homeless Shelter

Our colleagues at the first three sites provided LUM with a tour and answered questions about their programs, protocols, impact and marketing. The staff members maintained a fast pace navigating the streets of Chicago and came home with lots of ideas and affirmations. Lafayette Urban Ministry is in good shape but will continue to learn, adapt and grow by benchmarking against our peers locally and beyond. And of course, the day ended with an amazing slice of Chicago deep dish pizza.

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