Meet the LUM Summer Interns

Shenaya Christina Dias & Van Stevie Bibila Kabila

Lafayette Urban Ministry welcomes interns throughout the year from a variety of academic programs. The interns receive training and experience working with the LUM clients, students, guests and families in a variety of LUM programs. Interns are especially valuable to LUM for bringing their passion, objective views, and energy. It is a wonderful partnership.

SHENAYA Christina Dias is originally from Negombo, Sri Lanka, now lives in Lafayette, and attends school in New York City. She is currently pursuing a bachelors in Economics with a minor in Political Science at Fordham University, NY.

When she graduates next May, Shenaya plans on attending law school. With LUM, she is working with the LUM Immigration Clinic and general services to clients in the main office.

She shared that, I am excited about learning more on how we can change this world and make it a better and safer place for everyone. LUM is an opportunity that God has given me to explore different avenues to achieve these wonderful objectives.

VAN Stevie Bibila Kabila is originally from Dolisie, Republic of the Congo, and now lives in Indianapolis. He earned a bachelor’s degree in private law (Judiciary Careers) from the faculty of law of Marien Ngouabi University (Republic of the Congo). Van is currently pursuing an LLM in Human Rights at the Indiana University McKinney School of Law. He has been a member of Mouvement Citoyen Ras-Le-Bol since 2015. Van is engaged in a variety of community service projects. Van shared that being a part of LUM and serving as an intern with the LUM Immigration Clinic gives him pride. He looks forward to learning from the dedicated LUM staff. Van wants to have a positive impact on the community by using my legal knowledge and experience to help those in need.

LUM is fortunate to have Shenaya & Van, two talented and hardworking interns, working with the LUM team this summer.

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