Immigration Clinic – Outreach & Networking

Staff Promote the LUM Immigration Services

Christian Gallo, the LUM Immigration Clinic director, and Yanina Gomez Szyszko, assistant director, have recently visited with two local agencies to share more about the LUM Immigration Clinic.

As a guest speaker in a LARA class for international students (pictured above), Christian gave a presentation and answered general questions about LUM Immigration Clinic services including the naturalization process, Green Cards, F2 Visa, J2 Visa, work permit application, asylum, M2 Visa, and how COVID-19 affected the processing times. 

On another occasion, Christian and Yanina met with Jeannette Fonseca, advocate with the Heartford House Child Advocacy Center (pictured below), to discuss opportunities to collaborate, common challenges faced when offering services to bilingual families, and advocacy for immigrant victims of certain crimes (U Visa, T Visa and VAWA). Both of these outreach opportunities were valuable.

Outreach and networking are important parts of the mission of Lafayette Urban Ministry. Members of the LUM professional staff actively seek opportunities to promote LUM services, recruit volunteers, and educate people on issues relating to poverty, hunger, immigration, and homelessness. Directors of the various LUM programs are eager to raise awareness of LUM services, are well-informed on social and economic issues, and would like to help raise awareness in the local community on critical issues affecting low-income families.

Staff members are available to speak or set up an information table for churches, civic organization, agencies, community events, and educational groups. To make arrangements for a presentation or event, call or email LUM (765-423-2691 | lum@LUMserve.org).

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