Outreach is an important part of the mission of Lafayette Urban Ministry. Members of the LUM professional staff actively seek opportunities to promote LUM services, recruit volunteers, and educate people on issues relating to poverty, hunger and homelessness. Directors of the various LUM programs are eager to raise awareness of LUM services and are well-informed on social and economic issues and would like to help raise awareness in the local community on critical issues affecting low-income families.

Staff members are available for churches, civic organization, agencies, community events, and educational groups to speak or setup an information table. To make arrangements for a presentation, call or email LUM (765.423.2691 | lum@LUMserve.org) or email the staff person directly.

Examples of possible topics and speakers are as follows:

  • The Campaign for Hoosier Families, an alliance of faith-based organizations in support of Indiana’s children and families. (Patti O’Callaghan, pocallaghan@LUMserve.org)
  • The LUM Partnership: Touching the Future by Helping Children & Families Today (Wes Tillett, lum@LUMserve.org)
  • Childhood Poverty in Greater Lafayette: Cause for Alarm, Opportunities to Serve
    (Wes Tillett, lum@LUMserve.org)
  • The Faces of Poverty: Who are the Poor & Why? (Wes Tillett, lum@LUMserve.org)
  • Women & Children in Poverty (Wes Tillett, lum@LUMserve.org)
  • Homelessness: Reality and Myth (Mason McConnell Curry, mmcconnellcurry@LUMserve.org)
  • Immigration Issues (Christian Gallo, cgallo@LUMserve.org)