A Recap of LUM Camp 2021 – Life Changing

Thanks for Making LUM Camp Possible

LUM Camp is the best week of the summer, and this year was the best LUM Camp ever. Strict health & safety protocols were still in place, but the capacity was doubled and the campers enjoyed ALL of the activities. LUM transported 58 boys & girls to Hanging Rock Camp for a life-changing experience.

The theme, Brain Builders, was excitedly embraced by the campers. They had fun discussing and writing in their journals about the “9 types of intelligences” in the brain. The highlight was seeing the joy & excitement in the faces of our campers as they rode on horses, zipped down the zipline, searched for bugs in the creek, dove into the pool, and cruised around the pond in a canoe — many for the first time in their lives.

One evening, LUM Board members and donors were invited to camp to engage with the campers. They attended the camp meeting, sang camp songs, and joined the campers for an outdoor cook-out followed by a campfire which included s’mores. It was a wonderful night. The final day included the Movie Night event featuring Inside Out — the Pixar movie about the brain. To view more PHOTOS, click HERE.

Your donations made it possible to continue this LUM tradition that started in the 1960s. And once again, it was well worth it! LUM Campers made new friends and made great memories, while having a blast and learning new things about the brain and themselves. Truly life-changing. If you wish to make a investment in LUM Camp, go to LUMserve.org/donate.

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LUM Camp

LUM Camp Counselors Needed

LUM Camp also has a few more spots open for volunteer LUM Camp counselors. If you are interested in being a LUM Camp counselor next week, please email LUM Camp director, Marlena Edmondson, TODAY at medmondson@LUMserve.org.

Please note: LUM is working closely with the professional staff at Hanging Rock Christian Camp, the long-time host site of LUM CampLUM Camp is being planned in compliance with and exceeding the guidelines developed by the American Camp Association and the YMCA of the USA. All donations to LUM Camp will be used entirely on the campers’ experience this year.

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