The Best Week of the Summer – LUM Camp

LUM Camp Starts Next Tuesday for 73 Local Kids

LUM Camp kicks off THIS Tuesday for approximately 38 girls & 35 boys from Tippecanoe County. This will be a week filled with fun, friendship and life-changing experiences.

The theme this year is Brain Builders. LUM Campers will be introduced to The 9 Types of Intelligence; and throughout the week, the campers will be reminded of how each activity and workshop helps “build” their “brains” and the way it relates to the “Nine Types of Intelligence.”

It’s not too late to sponsor a LUM Camper this year. Donations to LUM Youth Programs are still welcome. Individuals may sponsor a camper for only $200. Would you please invest in both their long-term life skills and their short-term fun by offering them the gift of LUM Camp?

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LUM Camp

LUM Camp Counselors Needed

LUM Camp also has a few more spots open for volunteer LUM Camp counselors. If you are interested in being a LUM Camp counselor next week, please email LUM Camp director, Marlena Edmondson, TODAY at medmondson@LUMserve.org.

Please note: LUM is working closely with the professional staff at Hanging Rock Christian Camp, the long-time host site of LUM CampLUM Camp is being planned in compliance with and exceeding the guidelines developed by the American Camp Association and the YMCA of the USA. All donations to LUM Camp will be used entirely on the campers’ experience this year.

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