Meet the LUM Immigration Clinic Team

Providing Immigration Advice & Assistance

The LUM Immigration Clinic depends on a team of highly skilled, trained & accredited volunteers. Led by the LUM Immigration Clinic director, Christian Gallo (paid staff), the volunteer team members are as follows:

  • Volunteer Attorneys: Matthew Salsberry, Thomas Busch, & Erin Brewster 
  • Accredited Representatives: Adelia Sorge, Susan Brouillette, Aparna Puri, Margaret Hass, Sharon Graves, Mary Tindel, & Beata Riveiro
  • Candidates for Accreditation: Gary Fowler & C. Vincent-Rodas
  • Program Volunteers: Maddie Prospero, Yanina Gomez Szyszko, & Weijing Li
  • Intern: Olivia Bangert

LUM volunteer attorneys, accredited representatives, program volunteers and intern are providing immigration advice, filling out immigration forms, and drafting legal documents for cases. During the LUM Summer of Service, please join us in thanking each LUM Immigration Clinic volunteer for their time, talent, compassion and experience — and for providing a unique & vital service to our community. If you wish to volunteer with the LUM Immigration Clinic, email Christian Gallo at immigration@LUMserve.org.

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