LUM Tax Volunteers Celebrate 2021 Success

Volunteers Gather for Celebratory Picnic Lunch

The volunteers and staff who have been working with this year’s LUM Tax Assistance Program met for a picnic lunch in Happy Hallow Park (West Lafayette) to celebrate another successful year. Some interesting statistics about this year’s LUM Tax Assistance Program are as follows:

  • 242 – Income Tax Returns filed
  • $338,856 – Federal Refunds
  • $34,320 – State Refunds
  • $373,176 – Total Refunds
  • $21,176 – Average Adjusted Gross Income
  • $68,016 – Federal – Earned Income Credit
  • $5,048 – State – Earned Income Credit
  • $73,064 – Total in Earned Income Credit

Join us in thanking the LUM Tax Assistance Program volunteers picture above as follows — Standing L to R: Joan Marshall, KG & Bharathi Raghothama, Barb Sharkey, Kathy Hicks, Carol Robicheaux, Rob Patrick, Josh Prokopy (director); Seated: Tricia Sembroski, Ann Pellegrino & Andrea Schmidt; Not pictured: James Brinkley, Connie Decker, Ai Ai Lau, Karen Marty, Nina Morgan, Patti O’Callaghan & Ron Smith.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Tax Assistance Program, click HERE.

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