LUM Winter Warming Station & Annex Prevail

A Journey of Compassion & Adaptability

No one in our community should have to spend the night outdoors in the harsh weather of the winter months — especially during a global pandemic. LUM Winter Warming Station, located in the LUM Office building, was open from midnight to 7 a.m. and allowed individuals to be in a safe indoor warm space. Since November 15, 2020, the LUM Winter Warming Station has served more than 205 individuals were guests for 1,110 bed-nights, and 321 guests were new to LUM.

Serving individuals experiencing homelessness during COVID-19 took detailed planning and additional staffing. The first time the local day shelter had to lockdown because of a “positive COVID-19” tested individual, LUM collaborated with other local agencies to offer shelter for new individuals. The LUM Winter Warming Station became the place for these individuals at night, and “the Annex,” a new temporary day shelter was the place during the daytime hours. Since last December, the Annex was open for 84 days and visited by guests 452 times. This winter also brought an arctic blast and more than 15 days of dangerously cold temperatures in February. LUM provided buses from the day shelter to the LUM Emergency Shelter and Winter Warming Station and opened three hours early each of those nights.

Now that the spring season has arrived the LUM Winter Warming Station is closed until it is needed again in mid-November. LUM prevailed despite all of the many challenges presented by the harsh weather and the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to each volunteer as well as the families, groups, individuals and churches who provided meals for the Emergency Shelter, Winter Warming Station & Annex.

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Winter Warming Station

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