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LUM Legislative & Social Justice Updates

The Campaign for Hoosier Families engages local, state, and federal officials on behalf of low income families and children. Since LUM was incorporated in 1972, “advocacy” has been a part of the mission. As a part of the Campaign for Hoosier Families, Kathryn Williams is the new LUM Public Policy Advocate.

Kathy Williams graduated from Northeastern University School of Law and was admitted to practice law in both Indiana and Massachusetts. She is a registered lobbyist with the State of Indiana and has represented clients in civil cases through the Indiana Legal Services Organization in matters including family issues, housing, government benefits, and constitutional rights. Kathy is a long-term public policy advocate at the Indiana General Assembly, representing many different organizations that provide human services and/or advocate for social justice, which now includes LUM. Kathy is currently monitoring key legislation at the Indiana Statehouse.

Patti O’Callaghan, who serves as the LUM Volunteer Legislative Liaison, submitted testimony on Indiana bills related to the following:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Earned Income Tax Credit – supporting an increase in the state EIC. LUM was instrumental in getting this established, and it inspired the LUM Tax Assistance Program.
  • Township Homeless Assistance and Preventing Homelessness that occurs due to eliminating local control of rental properties

On the Federal level, LUM supports:

  • COVID-19 Relief for Hoosiers who are hungry, unemployed or at risk of eviction
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance
  • Minimum Wage increase to $15 per hour

LUM is thrilled to have the experience of Kathy & Patti advocating for Hoosier families. They are well-respected and are the best at representing LUM where the decisions are being made at the State Capitol and beyond.

FIND YOUR Your State Legislators

Follow this link to find out: http://iga.in.gov/legislative/find-legislators/. Every phone call and email makes a difference as we work to protect the interests of Hoosier Families!

To find out more information about bills that are being watched by the Campaign for Hoosier Families go to www.lumserve.org/bill-watch-list/.

Campaign for Hoosier Families is an alliance of faith-based organizations that engages local, state and federal officials on behalf of low-income Hoosier families and children. To find out more information about bills that are being watched by the Campaign for Hoosier Families, please click HERE.

Thank you for helping to support Hoosier Families!

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