Knights of Columbus Donate Books to LUM

A Gift of Books to the LUM Students in ASP

The members of the Purdue Knights of Columbus at St. Thomas Aquinas Center (council #15144) recently donated a trunkload of books to the students enrolled in the LUM After School Program. The group acquired surplus toys and books from Phoenix International Publications, and decided to donate the books to LUM and the toys to various LUM Jubilee Christmas sites, including the St. Thomas Aquinas Center event.

Pictured (L to R) from the Purdue Knights of Columbus are John Kertesz, member, and Zach Schreiner, president.

LUM is thankful to the members of the Purdue Knights of Columbus at St. Thomas Aquinas Center (council #15144) for this gift of books for our students & library. To view more photos, click HERE.

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