Jubilee Christmas, The Most Joyous Day of the Year

Jubilee Christmas Served 639 Local Families & 1,828 Local Children

The 39th annual Lafayette Urban Ministry Jubilee Christmas Program took place this past Saturday (December 14) at 26 different events throughout Lafayette/West Lafayette.  Thirty churches and numerous individuals, businesses and clubs provided gifts of new toys, books, food, and clothing, to parents from 639 local households impacting 1,828 local children.

Jubilee Christmas is designed to let mom and dad be the heroes, rather than providing gifts to children at a large party or having volunteers deliver toys directly to the home. Jubilee Christmas strengthens families by supporting the important role of parents at Christmas time.

On Jubilee Christmas Saturday, parents arrived at their designated Jubilee Christmas site.  Greeters welcomed and introduced them to their hosts for the day. Parents then began to select toys, clothing and stocking stuffers for their children. Volunteers helped the parents wrap gifts. Each family also received a food card, homemade Christmas cookies and a holiday ham.

A program of this size is a real benefit to our local retail economy. All the gifts and food for Jubilee Christmas are purchased locally. LUM will also see as a result of this program fewer requests for emergency rent and utility assistance in January and February.

More than $250,000 worth of toys and food were distributed; and it took over 1,200 individual volunteers to make it a success this year.

Jubilee Christmas relies on donations from churches, organizations and individuals for a successful Jubilee Christmas. You can help by donating a cash gift of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more to Jubilee Christmas. 

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