LUM Emergency Shelter Focuses on Addiction

New Video Series for LUM Shelter Guests

Addiction and homelessness are directly correlated. At the LUM Emergency Shelter there has been a focus on addiction including a nightly support group for the guests. This month, LUM launched a new, creative video series program to enhance LUM’s focus on addiction.

During check-in each afternoon, at dinner and at breakfast, a series of videos are played for the guests which focus on addiction in a wide array of different, inspiring, creative and often entertaining ways. John Schumann, a recent LUM intern, worked with Joe Micon, LUM executive director, and David Heckert, LUM Emergency Shelter director, on this important project. John coordinated the purchase of new equipment and researched and selected the videos for the program. So far the video program has been well received by the LUM shelter guests. LUM is committed to addressing addiction with our clients and shelter guests and is confident this new program will have a positive impact.

If you wish to invest in the LUM Emergency Shelter and this program, please make a donation online.

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