LUM Pilots New Protein Food Pantry

Lafayette Urban Ministry will begin piloting a new response to food insecurity in our community beginning April 4 — the LUM Protein Food Pantry. It will feature proteins, produce & paper products. Local families in need will be able to select canned and frozen meats & fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans & legumes, peanut butter, infant formula and paper products. High carb foods & snacks will be avoided. The LUM Protein Food Pantry will be open Thursday mornings at the LUM Ray Ewry Center (525 N 4th Street) in downtown Lafayette.

In addition, a committee of the LUM board is in place working to re-imagine and improve on how LUM best serves local children and families through food assistance initiatives. Stay tuned for news about LUM’s latest efforts.

Financial donations to the LUM Protein Food Pantry are welcome. The new LUM Protein Food Pantry will also need volunteers starting Thursday, April 4. If you are interested in volunteering or making an investment in the LUM Protein Food Pantry, click the appropriate button below.


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Food Pantry – LUM Protein Food Pantry

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