Spotlight on Jamie – Superstar LUM Volunteer

Collection of Items for LUM Emergency Shelter

Jamie Volom is a long-time overnight volunteer with the LUM Emergency Shelter. He has been volunteering for over six months and assists frequently with check-in, meals, clean up and just about anything that needs to be done. Jamie has a special affinity toward the shelter guests with addictions and has a scholarship go through training to be a certified addiction coach.

Recently Jamie noticed that the LUM shelter was running low on critical supplies like bleach, toilet paper, laundry detergent and paper towels. He asked permission from his church, Grace United Methodist Church, to share his LUM shelter volunteer experiences with his fellow church members and asked for donations of money and needed items. The response to his plea for donations was wildly successful (see picture above).

Thanks to Jamie Volom and the members of Grace United Methodist Church, the LUM Emergency Shelter is well stocked with paper goods, cleaning supplies, food, personal hygiene products, clothes & more.

If you, your church and/or organization are interested in making a donation or coordinating a collection drive to benefit the LUM Emergency Shelter or other LUM program, check out the LUM wish-list, click HERE.

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