LUM Announces New Promotional Video

LUM Video 2018 – Now Available to Online

Lafayette Urban Ministry is excited to announce a new promotional video. The LUM Video is stunning and will be used by LUM board members and staff to recruit new volunteers; engage new churches, civic & school groups; and ask individuals and businesses to invest in LUM by making a donation. LUM worked with Gary Higgins of Indiana Motion Pictures to produce the video.

The LUM Video features narration from Kristin Malavenda, Purdue communications director & former NPR host, and heart-felt stories of how LUM “Gives Help & Gives Hope” each and every day of the year from the following:

  • Jaqueline Albarenga-Flores, LUM volunteer
  • Fr. Patrick Baikauskas OP, Pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Center, LUM member church
  • Tiffany Hicks & her children, Chastity & Cincere (pictured below), LUM clients
  • Martin & Patty Jischke, former Purdue president & first lady
  • Joe Micon, LUM executive director
  • Patti O’Callaghan, LUM volunteer & former staff member
  • Deb Parent, LUM board member & volunteer (pictured above)
  • Arwin & Judy Provonsha, LUM volunteers
  • Andrea Schmidt, LUM volunteer

This short LUM promotional video is now available on the LUM YouTube Channel.

YOU may NOW use the new LUM video to entice your members, family, friends & colleagues to engage and invest in Lafayette Urban Ministry. LUM relies on donations and volunteers to continue to offer support to the families and children in our community; so, please share the new LUM video soon & often.

You are now invited to take a look at the new LUM Video by clicking the image below.

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