Purdue Education Students Support LUM Students

Math Education Learning Community Gives to LUM

The students in the Mathematics Education Learning Community at Purdue University have been engaged this academic year with the LUM students enrolled in the LUM After School Program. The Purdue students have tutored our students and assisted in maximizing the use of our teaching software.

Recently as the academic year drew to a close, the Math Education Learning Community students applied for and were awarded two service learning grants through the Purdue Office of Engagement for $3,000 that benefits the teaching initiatives through the LUM Youth Programs. Not only did the grants pay for the annual subscription fee for the teaching software ($1,500) but it also enabled the Purdue students to purchase all of the needed items for the LUM Youth Programs, including teaching materials, new curriculum, school supplies, cleaning supplies, healthy snacks, first aid supplies and items for the newly installed garden ($1,500).

LUM is humbled by the service and generosity of the students in the Math Education Learning Community and grateful to the Office of Engagement for offering these students funding through their service learning grant program.

{Pictured (L to R) with a delivery of supplies are Purdue math education students: Aaron Schlossberger, Mitchell Sutton, Namaluba Malawo, Ashton Knies, Rachel Adduci, and Cuitla Alaniz; and not pictured are Professor Jill Newton and students, Morgan Horter & Tyler Long.}

If you or your group, school, business or church would like to coordinate a “Drive” and collect needed items for the programs at Lafayette Urban Ministry, please check out our Wish-list of needed items online — click HERE.

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