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Summer 2018

Dear Friend,

I want to share an amazing story with you today. It’s about a little girl who has been to LUM Camp 17 times!

Marlena Edmondson first came to camp in 1997 when she was 8 years old. If you could only have seen the joy on her face as she stepped off the bus and took in all that was going on around her – the camp counselors in their brightly colored t-shirts, the rustic cabin in the woods with her very own bunk bed, Marlena’s first lunch in the camp dining hall, all those goofy camp songs – and a whole camp full of brand new friends!

Marlena joyously returned to LUM Camp each summer until she reached age 11 and was too old to attend. But after that, she dreamed of the day she could return to camp as a junior counselor. If you’ve ever felt that you were missing out on something big and important in life, you understand how Marlena felt each summer as she watched her younger brother and sister hop on the LUM Camp bus without her!

Not everyone gets to be a LUM Camp junior counselor. We only accept 5 applications each year. But when Marlena turned 16 years old, her application was the first one we accepted! When she turned 18, Marlena returned to LUM Camp as one of our staff of 24 senior camp counselors.

By now, LUM Camp was in Marlena’s blood! She knew first-hand how life-changing a week of LUM Camp was. Surrounded by caring adults, in a supportive environment, a child can’t help but grow in confidence and self-esteem. It is less scary to try new things when everyone else is trying them together. LUM Camp makes learning fun!

Marlena credits LUM Camp as the reason she chose to study social work in college and to go on to earn her Master’s Degree. She wanted to give back for all the ways her family was helped during difficult times. It is why she now works full-time with at-risk children as a school social worker in the Tippecanoe School Corporation. And it is why she has returned each July to spend the entire week with our LUM Campers.

Every morning at LUM Camp begins with chapel. Then it is on to a full day of hiking, riding horses, boating, swimming, arts and entertainment. LUM Camp is known for its great food, outstanding facilities, experienced staff and counselors and enough singing, skits and activities to make our camp fun and memorable for every child who attends!

Our theme this year is “Let Your Light Shine!” We will teach our campers about the science of light…

  • Why are some stars red and some blue?
  • Which light bulbs use the least amount of energy?
  • What causes a red sunset?
  • How does a prism work?
  • What causes lightning to flash and thunder to clap?
  • What is ultraviolet and infrared light?
  • What makes cat’s eyes shine at night?
  • Can you see the Northern Lights in Indiana?

Our campers will meet scientists and educators from Purdue who know the answers to these and countless other questions. They will engage each child’s natural curiosity with loads of hands-on activities and projects.

We’ll hunt for fireflies, sing around campfires, play flashlight tag and even provide our campers with a grand fireworks display on the last night of camp! Our plans for LUM Camp 2018 are a big order – and that’s why I am writing to you.

LUM Camp is a scholarship-based camp for 8, 9 and 10 year old boys and girls. We only invite children whose parents are not able to pay for the $150/child cost of camp. I am hoping that you will consider a gift of $150 to send a child to LUM Camp.

Your campership will pay for a child’s transportation, room and board, camp activities, supplies and all of our science programs and educators – everything a camper will need to attend this year’s LUM Camp.

  • Sending $300 will allow two children to attend LUM Camp
  • Sending $450 will provide 3 camperships
  • $75 will provide one-half of a campership

Please, will you help me? Working together, we can offer this life-changing experience to another group of LUM campers this summer. Through your kindness today, you can have a positive impact upon a child for years to come. 

Marlena Edmondson first attended LUM Camp in 1998 because someone, like you, cared enough to share a LUM Camp campership. Through the years she has nurtured that gift, turned it into a brighter future for herself, and shared it with countless other children. And this year, I am happy to report that Marlena has been named Assistant Director of LUM Camp and will play an even greater role in touching the lives of our campers!

LUM Camp is one of the finest overnight summer camp programs available to children anywhere. It will take place during the week of July 29 at beautiful Hanging Rock Camp in Warren County. I know of nearly 100 children who are waiting for the chance to attend. Please, won’t you offer them the gift of LUM Camp?

PS — It costs $150 to send a child to LUM Camp.

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