Meet the After School Program VOLUNTEERS

The Volunteers

The LUM After School Program relies on a team of volunteers to work with the students and assist the program director. Volunteers are needed each weekday afternoon from 2 to 6 p.m. They tutor, read to the students, give spelling tests, supervise recreation, serve snacks and coordinate crafts.

Some of our superstar After School Program volunteers are as follows (pictured above, L to R):

Jane Rhoda.
Jane was a licensed practical nurse in a hospital for 34 years. She began volunteering with LUM in January.

Bob Rhoda.
Bob has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and taught in elementary and middle schools for over 40 years. He began volunteering with LUM in January.
Katherine Clements. Kate is a student at Purdue University who volunteers regularly at LUM as a part of the MARK Tutoring program at St. Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic Center at Purdue.

Marilou Warden.
Marilou has a Master’s degree in Education and has taught in elementary schools for many years. She has been a volunteer with LUM for several years and served as the interim program director of the LUM After School Program.

And pictured on the right, L to R:
Arwin Provonsha.
Arwin, the “Bug Guy,” has a Master’s degree in Science and was a professor in Entomology at Purdue University for 42 years. He has volunteered with LUM since 2014.

Judy Provansha.
Judy has a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a minor in Biology. She worked for the West Lafayette Community School Corporation for 40 years. She has volunteered with LUM since 2014.

Not pictured:
Beth Dana.
Beth has a BS in physical therapy and worked as a physical therapist with GLASS for 22 years. She has volunteered with LUM for nine years.

Joan Low.
Joan has a Bachelor’s degrees in German and English and taught German in high school & middle school for many years. Joan has served as a volunteer with LUM and as an officer with the LUM Board of Directors for several years. Joan is the current LUM Board secretary.

Special thanks to all of the student organizations and student groups from Purdue University who send their members to volunteer with the LUM After School Program especially the Purdue Pre-Pharmacy Club, Timmy Global and the MARK Tutoring program at St. Thomas Aquinas.

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