Significant Summer for Children at LUM

Building Stronger Children & Families

A letter from Joe Micon, LUM Executive Director

In a 1855 dialogue with slave-owners, the famed African-American statesman Frederick Douglass wrote,

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

They are words that have always been important to me, because while LUM does more than its share of helping to repair broken adults, it is our work with at-risk children that provides me with my greatest hope for the future.

During the summer months, LUM is heavily invested in the building of strong children. Our 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program enrolled 50 children this year. We work with them everyday to help them retain subject matter, through the summer months, in math, science and reading, so that they are better prepared to return to school in August. Research shows that as much as 60% of the academic achievement gap occurs during the summer months when low-income children are not exposed to the same levels or kinds of learning opportunities as their more affluent peers. The 5th Quarter program at LUM has proven successful in reversing this summer learning slide.

LUM Camp serves 90 children in a week-long, overnight, summer camp setting. There are campfire songs, skits, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, boating, morning chapel, great food, awesome counselors and all the other things a great camp should have. But we also use the opportunity to engage the children in fun thematic learning that bolsters their academic skills along with their confidence and self-esteem. At LUM Camp, we take advantage of every moment we have together with a child to help them prepare for a future bright with promise.

Right now, the LUM After School Program is in full swing. We’ve achieved our goals of increasing our enrollment to 80 children this year. The LUM After School Program provides homework help and plenty of reading time to children – all in a safe and caring environment – until mom or dad come to take them home at end of their workday. If you are interested in working as a LUM After School Program tutor, we could use your help for two hours, one day each week, during the school year. If you’re interested email or call Amanda Bazjatt (abazjatt@lumserve.org | 765-423-2691).

How grateful I am that through your gifts of time and financial support, you not only help LUM to repair those who are broken but you also provide children in our community with the care, support and resources they need to grow into healthy and productive adults.

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