LUM Students Learn About Moon Landing

48th Anniversary of the Moon Landing – July 20, 1969

Forty-eight years ago today, Neil Armstrong landed the lunar module Eagle on the Moon as a part of the Apollo 11 mission. TODAY, Forty-eight years LATER, the student enrolled in the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program students visited the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering at Purdue. At Purdue they learned about the Apollo 11 mission, saw a full-scale replica of the Apollo 1 command module & a moon rock, walked in Neil Armstrong’s footprints on the moon, explored the surface of Mars, and took a picture with the college-aged Neil Armstrong statue.


It was an incredible study trip for the students. They now have dreams of attending college, studying aeronautic & astronautic engineering, joining NASA, and someday walking in space.Thanks to the Purdue School of Aeronautics and Astronautics​ & the Purdue Space Day​ program for hosting and inspiring our 5th Quarter students. 

To see more PHOTOS of Mini Space Day, click HERE.

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