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5th Quarter – Curriculum, Speakers & Study Trips

Purdue Extension:
Karen Mitchell
Ag & Natural Resources Educator
County Extension Director
Purdue Extension – Tippecanoe County
–Assisted us in becoming a Grow Local member. Assisted in gathering plants for our garden. Provided garden curriculum for our garden.
She will also assist us in a end of summer celebration in the garden.

Veronica Jalomo
Nutrition Education Program, a SNAP-ED & EFNEP funded initiative
Purdue Extension
–Provided initial contact with new partners (Amber & Tammy). Assisted us in becoming a Grow Local member.
She will also assist us in a end of summer celebration in the garden.

Amber Knoll
Health and Human Science Educator
Tippecanoe County Extension Office
Provides nutritional education booths for the parents to participate in.
Herbs and making produce last
Garden tasting and food safety
Garden to table preparation
She will also assist us in a end of summer celebration in the garden.

Tammy Martin
Youth Nutrition Education Program Assistant
Catch Program Instructor
–Provide 7 weeks of nutrition classes, including take home materials for parents.
Basic Concepts and Exercise
Fast Food
Screen Time
Bone Health
She will also assist us in a end of summer celebration in the garden.

Grow Local
Assisted us in securing a donation of soil and plants for our garden.

Purdue College of Education:
Nancy Boes
Continuing Lecturer
Literacy & Language
Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Crystal Johnson
Associate Professor Social Studies Education
Curriculum and Instruction
–Both are conducting pre and post assessments, developing specialized curriculum, and coordinating 17 student teachers to provide daily reading and writing workshops with the intent to strengthen the skills of our kiddos.

Food Finders & City Bus — weekly access to free produce

Public Library


  • Silly Safari with Amazon John
  • Rusty Ammerman’s: Dimension of Illusion
  • Leonardo, Rockin’ and Reading
  • Fiddle ‘N’ Feet
  • Rockin’ Readers Theatre

Summer Reading with the Public Library

Friday visits to the youth room at the Public Library

Study & Recreational Trips

  • Soilmaker
  • McCraw Park
  • Imagination Station
  • Purdue Union Bowling

Speakers – Presenters – Facilitators

  • Guest–Van Stokes, Dance session
  • Guest–Monica Shaeffer, vocalist and pianist
  • Guest–Gail Johnston, Clay Art
  • Guests– Elmwood Church Youth

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5th Quarter Summer Learning Program

LUM Students Learn About Moon Landing

48th Anniversary of the Moon Landing – July 20, 1969

Forty-eight years ago today, Neil Armstrong landed the lunar module Eagle on the Moon as a part of the Apollo 11 mission. TODAY, Forty-eight years LATER, the student enrolled in the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program students visited the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering at Purdue. At Purdue they learned about the Apollo 11 mission, saw a full-scale replica of the Apollo 1 command module & a moon rock, walked in Neil Armstrong’s footprints on the moon, explored the surface of Mars, and took a picture with the college-aged Neil Armstrong statue.


It was an incredible study trip for the students. They now have dreams of attending college, studying aeronautic & astronautic engineering, joining NASA, and someday walking in space.Thanks to the Purdue School of Aeronautics and Astronautics​ & the Purdue Space Day​ program for hosting and inspiring our 5th Quarter students. 

To see more PHOTOS of Mini Space Day, click HERE.

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5th Quarter Summer Learning Program