LUM Citizenship Classes — End of Semester

CitizenshipClassesAnother semester of the LUM Citizenship Classes ended this past week. The LUM Immigration Clinic has teamed up with the Lafayette Adult Resource Academy to offer free Citizenship Classes for persons interested in learning more about US history and government. The series of classes is geared toward preparing permanent residents for the naturalization exam but all are welcome to attend.

Thanks to each of the organizations and churches that brought refreshments — and special thanks to all of our skilled, volunteer teachers and teachers aides. To see more photos of the LUM Citizenship Classes, click HERE.

Citizenship Classes are offered three times a year — and the next series starts in July. For more information about the LUM Immigration Clinic & Citizenship Classes, click HERE or call or email Susan Brouillette (765-423.2691 | sbrouillette@lumserve.org).

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Volunteer Opportunities—LUM Immigration Clinic—Citizenship Classes

LUM Immigration Clinic is seeking additional volunteers to help pass out materials, engage students regarding discussion topics, and review vocabulary & civics questions in preparation for the naturalization interview. LUM is also seeking individuals/groups who might be willing to interact with students to provide refreshments during one or more of the classes. This is a great opportunity for church or civic groups to learn more about the naturalization process and to meet future citizens. Finally volunteers are needed to teach the next five-week session of classes which is tentatively scheduled to begin in October 2015. If interested you’re encouraged to attend and observe one of the August-September classes.

Please call or email Susan Brouillette if you have any questions or would like more information about the classes or any of the volunteer opportunities (765-423.2691 | sbroullette@lumserve.org).

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