Tax Assistance Program – In Full Swing

The LUM Office is buzzing with excitement– so it must be Tax Season. Each year LUM partners with the IRS to bring free, quality, tax return preparation services to hundreds in our community. In just four weeks, the LUM Tax Assistance Program already has some impressive statistics to share.

Some interesting statistics so far are as follows:

  • Total Income Tax Returns Filed – 197
  • Total Earned Income Credit – $197,776
  • Average Adjusted Gross Income – $18,670
  • Total Refund Amount – $513,568

Last year, 929 working families were served with an average return of $1,398.26 — and almost $1.3 million in refunds and tax credits were secured for local households — and back into our local economy.


Why is the LUM Tax Assistance Program so important?

  • Lower wage workers wouldn’t be able to afford having their tax returns done professionally
  • Much of federal & state support for working families is offered through tax code
  • If workers don’t file, significant tax credits will be left unclaimed
  • Refunds boost our local economy by increasing sales and creating jobs in retail

Joe Micon, LUM Executive Director stated,

Of all the wonderful services offered by LUM, there is none that has a greater positive impact on the children and families in our community than our tax assistance program.

The impact this money has upon local families cannot be understated. Over the past 15 years LUM has built a strong infrastructure of tax expertise, relationships with clients, information technology and a group of committed volunteers and donors who support this important program.

LUM would not be able to offer this service without the skilled, trained volunteers who make this important LUM program such a success each year. The 2017 LUM Tax Assistance Program is led by Ben Murphy (pictured above).


For more information on the LUM Tax Assistance Program or how YOU can volunteer, click HERE or call 765.423.2691. To make an investment in the LUM Tax Assistance program and make a donation, click HERE.

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