Summer’s Here – 5th Quarter’s Begun

Each year at this time the LUM childcare programs transition from after-school care to full 5thQday. After a successful year with the LUM After School Program which ended on May 20, the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program sessions began this past Monday (May 23). The LUM 5th Quarter program runs Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and includes active learning, crafts and recreation, free lunch, and study trips.

The LUM 5th Quarter program is dedicated to closing the academic achievement gap for a this group of elementary school students.

Once the school year begins again in the Fall, these students who typically struggle academically will be better prepared than their peers because of 5th Quarter’s focus on enriched and experiential learning.

If you wish to support the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program— you may make a monetary donation, sponsor a field/study trip and/or donate snacks and supplies. For more information on 5th Quarter, click HERE or email Cindy Haley at chaley@lumserve.org.

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5th Quarter Summer Learning Program

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