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Summer 2016

Dear Friends,rh

It was 35 years ago that young Eddie Opperman attended LUM Camp. Along with all the other campers, Eddie had just finished another full day of activities. There had been swimming, horseback riding, great camp songs and a fun hayride. On this particular day, the 42nd Royal Highlanders had been at LUM Camp too.  Dressed in their green, plaid kilts and bright red coats, the Highlanders were teaching the campers to play the bagpipes.

After supper, the full regiment came together for a grand performance. There were glittering sword dances, precision marches, military drums and of course the piercing sound of bagpipes echoing through the fields of camp. As the performance drew to a close, the Highlanders called out:  “Eddie Opperman, front and center!” Eddie had been an especially fast learner on the recorder earlier in the day and they wanted to showcase his special talent. I remember how Eddie stood proudly in front of the entire camp and performed a rousing rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle” – on the bagpipes! The entire camp cheered and Eddie grinned from ear to ear.

For almost 50 years, scenes like this have been the trademark of LUM Camp. We provide our campers with a safe and supportive environment to try new things, learn new skills and to build wholesome memories. But LUM Camp is about so much more than great memories. For you see, on that very evening, the 42nd Royal Highlanders asked young Eddie Opperman to join the regiment.

Eddie has now retired from the Highlanders. But he credits the regiment with providing him the discipline he needed to finish high school and graduate from Purdue University with a degree in accounting. Ed Opperman is now a Certified Public Accountant and owns his own accounting business in Lafayette — the firm Edward Opperman, CPA. And it all started during a week at LUM Camp 35 years ago.

LUM Camp is a weeklong ocampvernight camp for boys and girls, 8, 9 and 10 years old. They are children who come from families served by the Lafayette Urban Ministry. Our camp includes all the things a great camp should: morning chapel, nature hikes, arts and crafts, boating, campfires and an outstanding staff of camp counselors. But along with these, LUM Camp teaches our campers that learning is fun!

Our 2016 LUM Camp theme will focus on Indiana’s Bicentennial Anniversary.

Campers will learn about our state’s rich history, its famous personalities, its contributions to science, agriculture, sports, and the performing arts. LUM campers will leave camp proud of their Hoosier heritage and inspired by the opportunities that await them in the years to come as citizens of our great state.

LUM Camp is a scholarship-based camp.  We only accept children whose parents are not able to pay for the $150/child cost of LUM Camp.  That’s why I am writing to you. I am hoping that you will consider a gift of $150 to send a child to LUM Camp. Your campership will pay for a child’s transportation, room and board, camp activities, educational programs and supplies – everything he or she will need to attend this year’s LUM Camp.

  • Sending $300 will allow two children to attend LUM Camp
  • Sending $450 will provide three camperships
  • $75 will provide one-half of a campership.

Thirty-five years ago young Eddie Opperman found an opportunity at LUM Camp that he was able to transform into a positive life-changing experience.  It has happened to LUM Campers every year since.  With your generous help, it will happen again this summer.

LUM Camp is one of the finest overnight summer camp programs available to children anywhere.  It will take place during the week of August 1 at beautiful Hanging Rock Camp in Warren County.  I know of nearly 100 children who are waiting for the chance to attend. Please, won’t you help build their futures by offering to them the gift of LUM Camp?

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PS — It costs $150 to send a child to LUM Camp. Mail in your campership or contribute online at www.lumserve.org/donate

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