Local Principals Serve Shelter Meal

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Last week, the Tippecanoe School Corporation elementary school principals & vice principals prepared and served meals to the LUM Emergency Shelter guests on two consecutive nights. Shelter guests were greeted warmly & served a wonderful meal. Mark Pearl stated, “It was a very rewarding and humbling experience to serve the individuals at the LUM Shelter last week. I feel much more connected to the entire Lafayette community and better understand what these folks are going through.”

2015-03-03 TSC Elementary School Principals 010 (2) (640x640)Each of the principals and vice-principals interacted with guests while serving dinner, & some connected with guests during & after dinner. It was clear that the shelter guests were very appreciative; and the impact this had on the administrators was evident as well.

Mike Pinto shared that “It is always both rewarding and humbling to volunteer at LUM — and always nice to be able to offer something to others and also to hear and feel the sincere gratitude offered by the guests.” John 2015-03-04 TSC Elementary School Principals 011 (2) (640x432)Pearl added, “I am awe struck with the impact that LUM and many other service agencies have on the students and families in our school district. They’re often times ‘game changers’ in the lives of our students. Volunteering at LUM provided an inside look at how their programming provides more than just immediate assistance—LUM programs facilitate independence and self sufficiency.”

These were two special nights at the LUM emergency shelter. A big LUM thank you to the Tippecanoe School Corporation elementary school principals and vice principals for choosing the LUM emergency shelter and making these two evening meals so meaningful for our shelter guests.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Emergency Shelter, click HERE.

Thanks to these incredible TSC Elementary School Administrators

  • Shannon Cauble, Principal, Mayflower Mill Elementary School
  • Marlena Edmondson, Student Services Coordinator, Mayflower Mill Elementary School
  • Linda Fields, Principal, Hershey Elementary School
  • Mary Beth Fitzgerald, Principal, Wyandotte Elementary School
  • Christy Fraley, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education
  • Michael Gabauer, Assistant Principal, Burnett Creek Elementary School
  • Bruce Hull, Principal, Woodland Elementary School
  • Rhonda Lanie, Assistant Principal, Klondike Elementary School
  • John Pearl, Principal, Battle Ground Elementary School
  • Mark Pearl, Principal, Burnett Creek Elementary School
  • Scott Peters, Principal, Klondike Elementary School
  • Ryan Habben, Assistant Principal, Wea Ridge Elementary School
  • Mike Pinto, Principal, James Cole Elementary School
  • Sue Scott, Coordinator of Communications
  • Rob Skaggs, Principal, Mintonye Elementary School


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