Boiler ESTEEM with LUM Students & Parents

150306 ESTEEM 001 (2)

Boiler ESTEEM, which is a collegiate leadership organization at St. Thomas Aquinas Center (West Lafayette), presented a program last week for the LUM After School Program students and their parents. The gathering  was designed to emphasize the importance of family time especially “family meal time.”

The Boiler ESTEEM students planned an evening of educational and fun games while teaching the students about the history and story of St. Patrick. The evening began with a scrumptious meal and a discussion about how to make meal time meaningful for your whole family.

Thanks to the Boiler ESTEEM student leaders for creating such a powerful, fun and memorable event for the LUM After School Program families. More photos from the event may be viewed HERE.

If you wish to invest the students in the LUM After School Program, click HERE.

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