LUM Celebrates 40th on Facebook

Lafayette, IN (October 26, 2012). Today is the Lafayette Urban Ministry’s 40th birthday – celebrating 40 years of service to our community’s at-risk children and working families.  To commemorate our 40th birthday and to position ourselves for success in our fifth decade – LUM has launched itself into the world of social media.


On October 26, 1972, articles of incorporation were approved and filed with the State of Indiana for a new organization called the Lafayette Urban Ministry. Although some of the core programs and services still offered by LUM date back to the early 1960’s, it was on October 26, 1972 that the Neighborhood Development Project based at Hope Chapel Presbyterian Church, officially changed its name to “Lafayette Urban Ministry.” LUM soon expanded its operations in space provided by Central Presbyterian Church.

Over the past four decades, LUM Board of Directors and staff have mapped out a vision to meet the needs of the children and families of our community. LUM is best known for programs like the annual Community Thanksgiving Celebration, Hunger Hike and Jubilee Christmas as well as services for families in need like the LUM/St. John’s Food Pantry, Good Samaritan Fund and the emergency Homeless Shelter. But LUM also provides several educational programs for children during the school year and during the summer months such as the enhanced After School Program, LUM Camp, 5th Quarter and Achieve; and programs for families like free Income Tax Assistance, ID Clinic, Asset Building Classes and Case Management. More information on LUM History may be found here: http://LUMserve.wordpress.com/about/LUM-history/

To celebrate our 40th birthday, LUM has decided to actively use social media. As of today, LUM has recently published the following:

In the coming years LUM is dedicated to using social media and marketing to promote our services, events and programs; to engage with our community partners; and to share information, photos, videos and more.

Join LUM online and help us serve children and families even better.

The Lafayette Urban Ministry (LUM) is an organization of 42 Christian churches that serves as a social safety net for Lafayette’s needy children and families. For over 40 years, LUM has worked to give back the hope, the future, and the self-respect to low-income people in the Greater Lafayette area. We take an active role in trying to change social injustices and improve the quality of life for the poor of Indiana.

More Information on the History of the Lafayette Urban Ministry:

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