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LUM Staff Educate Board – Pizza & Perspectives

LUM Program Director Panel Discussion

As a part of the on-going training of the LUM Board of Directors, each quarter their meeting features a program called “Pizza & Perspectives.” At last week’s board meeting, the Pizza & Perspectives program included a panel discussion featuring four LUM program directors. The panel participants (pictured L to R) are as follows:

During this panel discussion board members learned how the LUM Mission is being executed on the “front lines.” The panelists gave brief summaries of their areas including current client needs, new initiatives, issues, and future opportunities. This was chance for board members to ask questions of the staff who work with clients & volunteers every day and are fully engaged in serving the families and children in our community.

Pizza & Perspectives was a lively and informative event leaving the LUM board members feeling better informed and energized.

To view more photos from the Pizza & Perspectives program, click HERE.

In Times of Fear

A message to the community on the occasion of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

by Bishop Timothy L. Doherty, Catholic Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana

The recent elections and public news have caused concern and fears in the hearts of members of our communities. Many undocumented parents are afraid of being deported or separated from their U.S. citizen children. Young people who registered for DACA are afraid that the registration will be used against them. School children — citizens or not — are being bullied or mistreated by peers because of their color, religion or ethnic origins.

As we prepare to celebrate the feasts of the “Guadalupana” and of Christmas, I want you to know that our Catholic Church, and her parishes, are praying with you and for you. I want to assure you that I am aware of the morally wrong things conveyed by words and actions.

Reports from here in Indiana tell of uncharitable and unjust treatment of both youth and adults. I stand with those who have been mistreated, and I support people and agencies which can offer material and legal help to those who need it.

I personally am asking that everyone behave respectfully to each of our neighbors, whether citizens or not, Christians or not. My special concern is for your children, for all children. No one should hear bad words or experience maltreatment because of their legal status or ethnic background. It would be the worst evil if public disrespect forced any of us to stay away from our dear religious celebrations at this time of year.

I authorized the Office of Family Life and Hispanic Ministry to distribute information about the legal rights you have and can claim, even if you are not citizens. We are not pretending to be lawyers, but want you to know how to find one if you need to. We do not promote anything illegal, but we want those people who have rights and responsibilities to be able to enjoy them. And we want to live in human and Christian solidarity with those whose lives are endangered because of uncertain status, threats of violence or unnecessary separation of parents and children, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters.

{Republished courtesy of The Catholic Moment newspaper, December 11, 2016.}

For information about the LUM Immigration Clinic, click HERE.

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Bishop Doherty Speaks at Pizza & Perspectives

Bishop Timothy Doherty Discusses
Poverty, the Pope, Today’s Youth, the Election & More

2016-08-17 PizzaPerspective_Bishop 069 (2) (1280x851)

Last night, LUM Pizza & Perspectives hosted by the LUM Board of Directors featured remarks by the most Reverend Timothy L. Doherty, S.T.L., Ph.D., the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana.

2016-08-17 PizzaPerspective_Bishop 002 (2) (1280x853)

Bishop Timothy Doherty joined the attendees for pizza and then offered remarks about a number of topics. He began by giving an overview of the pastoral letter from the Catholic Bishops of Indiana entitled “Poverty at the Crossroads: The Church’s Response to Poverty in Indiana.” He then entertained questions which led to discussions about immigration, health care, Pope Francis, today’s youth, the upcoming election, and downtown Lafayette. Bishop Doherty concluded his remarks with a sincere thanks to the LUM Board of Directors and staff for the remarkable and meaningful work happening at LUM to strengthen and uplift local families.  A special thank you to Bishop Timothy Doherty for taking the time to share his thoughts and expertise with the friends, board members and staff of the Lafayette Urban Ministry.

2016-08-17 PizzaPerspective_Bishop 018 (2) (1280x851)

To view more photos from last night’s Pizza & Perspectives program, click HERE.


Pizza & Perspectives with Bishop Doherty

The LUM Board of Directors invites you to attend Pizzbishopdohertya & Perspectives — an event to educate the LUM board, staff and friends on current issues and topics impacting our community. This Pizza & Perspectives will feature remarks from Bishop Timothy L. Doherty from the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. The event is FREE and pizza and soft drinks will be provided. Pizza & Perspectives event details are as follows:

  • Date: Wednesday, August 17
  • Time: 5:30 p.m.
  • Place: LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center
    — Board Room, 525 N 4th Street, Lafayette

For more information about Pizza & Perspectives, please email lum@lumserve.org.


Grand Opening – LUM Immigration Clinic

Lafayette, IN – Lafayette Urban Ministry will be holding a Grand Opening of its new Immigration Clinic on Tuesday from 2-3 p.m. at the LUM office.

2012-10-04 LUM 420 005 (2)

LUM Immigration Clinic Grand Opening details are as follows:

  • LUM Immigration Clinic – Grand Opening
  • Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2014
  • Time: 2 -3 p.m.
  • Place: LUM Office (420 N 4th Street, Lafayette)

 The LUM immigration clinic is accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals and is a member of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC).   The purpose of the event will be to familiarize the Lafayette community with the services provided by the clinic which include assessing client eligibility for immigration benefits, answering questions regarding the application process, completing/filing applications, tracking pending applications and advocating on behalf clients, and connecting clients with other services related to the application process.

There will be a brief program beginning at 2 p.m.  Speakers will include the following:

  • Timothy Doherty, Bishop, Lafayette-in-Indiana Diocese
  • Jeffrey Newell, President, Tippecanoe Bar Association
  • Sisters Joan Scheller and Karen Sue Durliat, Guadalupe Center in Huntingburg
  • Pastor Zach Szmara, Director of the Immigration Clinic, Bridge Christian Church, Logansport
  • Trish Maxwell, Executive Director, Lafayette Area Reading Academy

There will also be a special unveiling of the logo for the clinic designed by Devon Wolfe who is studying Publication Design and Illustration at Lafayette Jefferson High School.  There will be a reception with light refreshments at the conclusion of the program.

Susan Brouillette, the LUM Immigration Clinic program director, is also available for individual interviews and consultation upon request.


Joe Micon
Executive Director
Lafayette Urban Ministry
(765) 423.2691

Susan Brouillette
Public Policy Director
Lafayette Urban Ministry
(765) 714-7622


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