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Annual LUM Staff Appreciation Lunch

Last week, the dedicated staff of Lafayette Urban Ministry gathered at Lafayette Brewing Co. for the annual LUM staff appreciation lunch.

Pictured are the staff who attended — seated: Linda Hicks, Tricia Sembroski & Gayle Koning; first standing row: Tiara Neal, Susan Brouillette, Clarinda Crawford & Gina Williams; back row: Joshua Holmes, Lafayetta Tellis, Ben Murphy, Pablo Malavenda & Paul McHaney



Meet Lafayetta — New LUM Custodian

Lafayetta Tellis — LUM Maintenance, new custodian

2016-09-08-staff-002-2Lafayetta is originally from Chicago and currently lives in Lafayette with her children: Jayla, 10; Jamiya, 9; Jerome, 8; & Jeremiah, 4. She graduated from Marshall High School and completed the Serve Safe certificate. She also works at SIA and Bob Evans. In her free time, Lafayetta enjoys being with her children and taking them to special places like Columbian Park (Lafayette) and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Lafayetta shared that “working for LUM has been rewarding in so many different ways and I’ve learned a lot — we serve so many different people. At LUM we serve the public and it’s important to show pride in your work, show that you love your job & then everyone, including the clients, will appreciate you.”