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Clarinda Crawford—Celebration of 7 Years of Service

This past weekend the members of Congress Street United Methodist Church hosted a reception for Rev. Clarinda Crawford. At this event, Joe Micon, LUM executive director and Mark Thomas, LUM board president, presented Clarinda with a special proclamation from the LUM Board of Directors and staff. The proclamation stated that, “Clarinda possesses a prophetic thirst for social justice, always calling the wider faith community to respond to the needs of the oppressed with fairness and compassion.”

The event was joyful celebration of Clarinda’s seven years of service to the community through Lafayette Urban Ministry and Congress Street United Methodist Church. It is clear that Clarinda had a positive impact on many people and programs during her time in Lafayette and will be greatly missed. Pictured L to R are Penny Glotzbach, Congress St. UMC representative to the LUM board, Clarinda Crawford, Mark Thomas & Joe Micon.

To view more PHOTOS of Reception for Rev. Clarinda Crawford, click HERE.
To make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in her honor, click HERE.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in honor of Rev. Clarinda Crawford, click below.

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Fond Farewell to Clarinda Crawford

5673429760076 (2)

After a fruitful seven year relationship with Lafayette Urban Ministry, Rev. Clarinda Crawford announced that she will be moving to Franklin, North Carolina, at the end of this month to serve two congregations in the United Methodist Church. Clarinda served as a pastor-liaison to the LUM Board of Directors and eventually became an officer serving on the Executive Committee for two terms. For the past 18 months, Clarinda has been the program director overseeing the LUM Good Samaritan Program, which includes the Good Samaritan Fund and the ID Clinic.

2016-01-20 CCrawford 014 (2) (1280x852)

Clarinda shared that leaving LUM “comes with a mix of emotions — part mournful, part restless, and wrapped in the excitement” of what this next phase will offer. Through her work with LUM, Clarinda has made a positive impact on the clients in the Good Samaritan Program and ID Clinic — using her numerous skills, knowledge of technology, awareness of resources, and experience. She has empathy for those in need and has made improvements in the day-to-day process of both the ID Clinic and the Good Samaritan Program. Clarinda will be missed, but she has left the program in great shape for LUM and her successor.


Please join us to celebrate Clarinda’s service to the community at a reception hosted by the Congress Street United Methodist Church on Saturday, June 24 from 2 to 4 p.m.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in honor of Rev. Clarinda Crawford, click below.

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Annual LUM Staff Appreciation Lunch

Last week, the dedicated staff of Lafayette Urban Ministry gathered at Lafayette Brewing Co. for the annual LUM staff appreciation lunch.

Pictured are the staff who attended — seated: Linda Hicks, Tricia Sembroski & Gayle Koning; first standing row: Tiara Neal, Susan Brouillette, Clarinda Crawford & Gina Williams; back row: Joshua Holmes, Lafayetta Tellis, Ben Murphy, Pablo Malavenda & Paul McHaney



Crawford Farm Featured at Garden Show


The Crawfoclarinda1rd Family Farm was a featured destination during the Attica Garden Show on Saturday, June 18. John Crawford, father of Clarinda Crawford, gathered his family at the homestead, and they proudly welcomed over 100 guests and gave them tours of their lovely gardens. The Rev. Clarinda Crawford is the program director of the LUM Good Samaritan Program and ID Clinic.

Pictured left is of a young Clarinda working on the farm with her dad, John.

Join us in congratulating John & Clarinda and the rest of the Crawford family for this honor.

To view more PHOTOs of the Crawford Farm gardens, click HERE.


A Week of Reflection

LUM Member Churches Reflect on Orlando

Orlando Vigil at Congress St. UMC
photo by the Rev. D. Charles Davis, Unitarian Universalist Church of Tippecanoe County

After the tragic incident in Orlando this past Sunday, several of the LUM member churches
held events and services to support the victims and survivors and to raise awareness of the relevant issues.

On Sunday evening, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tippecanoe County, West Lafayette, held a nondenominational memorial service to remember and reflect on the lives lost that day. It was well attended by the community, church leaders and members of Pride Lafayette. Read more in the news article HERE.

On Monday, Congress Street United Methodist Church and Pride Lafayette, Inc. sponsored a memorial event. Several hundred people gathered at the church for a candlelight vigil followed by a march to the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. A lantern was launched at the vigil, and there was an emotional reading of the names of each of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando by the Rev. Clarinda Crawford — who is also the Good Samaritan Program director at LUM. Find more about the vigil — NEWS story | VIDEO of the reading of the names | more PHOTOS.

LUM staff attended the events and encourage you to keep the victims, survivors and their families in your prayers — and take action to make our world a more loving and caring place.


Meet Rev. Clarinda Crawford — New LUM Program Director

Rev. Clarinda E. Crawford
— LUM Good Samaritan Program & ID Clinic, 
program director

5673429760076 (2)Rev. Clarinda E. Crawford is the new LUM program director responsible for the Good Samaritan Program & ID Clinic. She is excited about her new role with Lafayette Urban Ministry because it gives her an opportunity to continue to do what she can for “the oppressed, the poor, the hungry, and all the least of these who present themselves in need of LUM’s services.” She feels pride in getting to do something she loves while “being surrounded by others with incredibly gracious, generous and love-filled hearts.” Clarinda also believes in the power of Hope; stating, “If whatever it is you’re doing doesn’t bring HOPE to someone, somewhere — then why do it?”

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”  ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

2016-01-20 CCrawford 034 (2) (1280x1280)Clarinda believes that “theology is an ongoing pilgrimage and life is an ongoing muddled paradox.” She finds inspiration in “all people since Jesus’ time who have and continue to fight for the oppressed, the poor, the hungry and all the least of these in the local and global societies that comprise our very-human world.”

Originally from Attica, Clarinda now lives in Lafayette, Indiana with her two dogs: Fuzzy (mutt; age 14) and Bentley (Weimaraner; age 10.5).

Rev. Clarinda Crawford is currently the lead pastor at Congress Street United Methodist Church (Lafayette), a bus driver for the Lafayette School Corporation, and a member of several community groups and boards including the Inter-Religious Network of Greater Lafayette, which she founded in 2010. She also served on the LUM Board of Directors for five years including two terms on the Executive Council.

Clarinda graduated from Attica 2016-01-20 CCrawford 014 (2) (1280x852)Junior/Senior High School and DePauw University with majors in communications & political science. She also earned her Master of Divinity from the Christian Theological Seminary with a focus on theology and pastoral care & counseling. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program with a focus on nonprofit management, public management, policy analysis & public finance administration at Indiana University.

Clarinda also loves the beach — Grand Strand in South Carolina, to be more specific — and anything starring, directed by or written about Robert Redford.

In a short time, Clarinda has already made a positive impact on the clients in the Good Samaritan Program and ID Clinic — using her numerous skills, knowledge of technology, and experience to learn about the position and the fund, meet the clients, and make suggestions for improvements in the process. “I am so pleased we are able to bring Rev. Clarinda Crawford onto LUM’s very outstanding staff. We are so fortunate that she has chosen to share her considerable talents on behalf of those we serve here. Clarinda has a real heart for helping and a commitment to making our world a more fair and just place for everyone” shared Joe Micon, LUM executive director.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in honor of Rev. Clarinda Crawford, please go to www.lumserve.org/donate.

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Wind Chill Emergency – Thanks to Volunteers

2015-01-06 WinterBusShuttle 003 (2)Special thanks this week to ALL of our LUM emergency shelter volunteers especially our bus drivers — Clarinda Crawford (left), Jerry Eaton and Ernie Haupt (below)—for their dedicated service during our current wind chill emergency.

bus drivers

These three warm-hearted souls each night leave their hearth and home to drive the homeless from the day shelter to the LUM’ emergency shelter (and back). They are on duty from Wednesday night through Friday morning, the forecasted end of the emergency.

Thanks also to Ron Hoffman and Jim Frantz for keeping the buses in such good working order during this recent cold snap.

2015-01-06 WinterBusShuttle 018 (2) (640x426)

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Emergency Shelter

Meet the New LUM Board Officers

2014-09-17 Dream Team at Board Meeting 024 (2)LUM is controlled by a Board of Directors — one representative from each member church plus a few appointed individuals from specific community groups. The Board meets once a month, overseeing and directing policy decisions, fiscal matters, and programming issues, ensuring that LUM continues to fulfill its vital mission to the community. The board is led by an eight member executive council.

Best wishes and congratulations to the 2015 LUM Board of Directors. A 2015-BoD-Officersspecial thank you to the 2015 Executive Council members:

  • Robert Hall, President, Saint Lawrence Catholic Church
  • Jeremiah Dole, Vice President, University Church
  • Patty Useem, Secretary, Federated Church
  • Marilyn Zerbes, Treasurer, At Large
  • Cliff Mitchell, Facilities, Elston Presbyterian Church
  • Rev. Clarinda Crawford, Personnel, Congress Street United Methodist Church
  • Robert Blue, Program, Planning & Evaluation, Immanuel United Church of Christ
  • Joe Micon, Executive Director, Lafayette Urban Ministry

The Lafayette Urban Ministry leadership is passionate, hard working and talented — it’s going to be a great 2015!


Board of Directors

Chuck Anderson
Rev. Mark Berg
Rev. Gregory Bonds
Rev. Mark & Ashley Bonnes
Rev. Kevin Bowers
Rev. David Comstock
Nita Cunningham
Paul Dixon
Linda Dolby
Rev. Ryan Donoho
Fr. Ted Dudzynski
Cheryl Fowler
Rev. Lore Gibson
Allen Grady
Maryann Haan
Gary Henriott
Rev. David Horner
Rev. Troy Hostettler
Nancy Hughes
Tom Kanaby
Rev. Gilbert Kerrigan
GuyAnne Lillpop
Joan Low
Rev. Scott Mann
Melissa Martin
Rev. Steve Mason
Deb Parent
Nolie Parnell
Cathy Potter
Susie Riley
Rev. Justin Schlesinger-Devlin
Carl Schwamberger
Rev. Bill Smutz
Jane Stewart
Diane Stott
Mark Thomas
Rev. Ezell Wiggins
Charlene Williams
Rev. Howard Wright
Rev. Dominic Young