LUM Volunteer of the Month – Jean Tyner

LUM Volunteer of the Month – May 2024

Jean Tyner is originally from West Texas and now resides in West Lafayette, IN. She was married to Wally, a Purdue professor, who was also a supporter of Lafayette Urban Ministry. They have two married sons, Davis (Katherine) and Jeff (Amy). They have four grandchildren: RJ, Adelle, Edward, and Austin.

Join us in congratulating Jean Tyner for being selected the LUM Volunteer of the Month for May 2024.

Jean has volunteered with LUM, on and off, since 1979. She is currently one of the lead volunteers at the Westside Food Pantry and has been involved since it opened three years ago this May. In addition to being a part of the food pantry team, Jean has volunteered with the LUM Financial Assistance Program and has participated in LUM Jubilee Christmas for many years.

Jean inspires with her passion for uplifting the people in our community through her work with LUM and as an advocate in social justice. She leads by example with genuine humility and a collaborative spirit. All of this and more have rightfully earned Jean the well-deserved honor of being selected as the LUM Volunteer of the Month for May.

When reflecting on her involvement with LUM, Jean stated that,

“LUM is such a gift to the community. The variety of programs offered by LUM meets the needs of our diverse community in many ways. I love that assistance is offered with as few requirements or restrictions as possible. It’s about caring.”

Jean encourages others to get involved with LUM adding that,

“Working along side a team of passionate volunteers is enriching and joyful. At LUM, we’re not just supported by a competent and caring staff; we’re fueled by the resilience and courage of the clients. They persevere when others might give up, and I admire the way they face life’s challenges. They give me hope for the future.”

Jean earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX) and a Master of Arts in Teaching from George Washington University (Washington, D.C.). She taught English-as-a-Second-Language in Thailand, Morocco, Washington, D.C., and Lafayette, IN. Jean retired from the Study Abroad Office at Purdue University, where she coordinated the summer study abroad programs.

Besides dedicating time to volunteering at LUM, Jean finds fulfillment in practicing Tai Chi, walking with friends, reading, engaging in word games and puzzles, indulging in music, occasionally playing bridge, advocating for social justice, and cherishing moments with her sons and grandkids, which is infrequent due to their distance.

Let’s extend our sincere gratitude and congratulations to Jean Tyner for her well-deserved recognition as the LUM Volunteer of the Month for May 2024.

If you’re inspired by Jean’s story and wish to join the LUM family as a volunteer, check out the LUM website or call or email the LUM volunteer coordinator, Terri Anderson (volunteer@LUMserve.org | 765-423-2691).

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