We’ve Got Talent Recap – Local Stars Shine

Raised $14,000+ for Emergency Assistance Fund

Scott Greeson, Tony Roswarski, Michelle Newell-Jackson (runner up), Hilary Mirelez (champion), Sadie Harper Scott & Angel Valentin

This past Saturday, LUM hosted We’ve Got Talent — an amateur talent competition judged by a panel of local experts. The lineup of talent wowed the capacity crowd who responded with wild cheers and applause for each contestant. The judges offered immediate feedback after each performance and selected a winner and runner up. The We’ve Got Talent champion was Hilary Mirelez, who sang & played keyboards, representing the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tippecanoe County. The runner up was Michelle Newell-Jackson, who sang a song she wrote, from Second Baptist Church.

It was an exciting evening, and it was all in support of the LUM Good Samaritan Fund – the emergency financial assistance fund for local families. We’ve Got Talent raised more than $14,000 (so far) for the LUM Good Samaritan, giving the LUM Financial Assistance Program a much needed boost.

If you missed We’ve Got Talent, you still can make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund — just click the button below.

We’ve Got Talent — Acknowledgements & Thanks

We’ve Got Talent was successful this year because of our presenting sponsors and a hard-working & talented team of volunteers & staff who worked together in support of the families in crisis in our community. The LUM Staff and Board of Directors wish to extend sincere thanks to our donors and the many individuals who assisted in the planning of this year’s LUM We’ve Got Talent including:

Sheila Klinker & Fred Koning
  • First Farmers Bank & Trust – Presenting Sponsor
  • Lafayette Brewing Co. – Refreshments – Nancy Emig & Kaitlyn Hicks
  • St. Andrew United Methodist Church – Facility & Coffee Service – Pastor Brian Cook, Laurie Klenosky, Berdine Martin, PJ Catania, & Juan Valdez
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Desserts
  • Glenwood Cooperative at Purdue – Desserts
Hilary Mirelez – The Champion
  • The TALENT
    • Abi Long & Friends
    • Briton Weise 
    • Cathy Mindrum & the St. Tom’s choir
    • Damon Lincourt 
    • Hilary Mirelez (champion)
    • Joe Vanable 
    • Michelle Newell-Jackson (runner up)
    • Terri Veglia Anderson 
    • Tricia Sembroski
Michelle Newell-Jackson – The Runner Up
  • The Judges
    • Scott Greeson 
    • Sadie Harper Scott 
    • Tony Roswarski
    • Angel Valentin
  • The Team
    • Josh Prokopy
    • Wes Tillett
    • Leanna Giltmier
    • Gayle Koning
    • Terri Anderson 
    • Eileen Weiss
Terri Veglia Anderson
Cathy Mindrum & the St. Tom’s Choir
Briton Weise
First Farmers Bank & Trust
The Judges – Sadie, Angel, Scott & Tony
Abi Long & Friends
Tricia Sembroski
Damon Lincourt
Wes Tillett, LUM executive director & emcee
John Vanable

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