Celebrating the Women Leaders of LUM

Eight Women Religious Leaders Engaging in LUM

In the spirit of Women’s History Month (March), LUM is celebrating the Women of LUM. Today LUM puts a spotlight on eight women who currently lead a local church or religious community that is also a member of the LUM Board of Directors.

Women leaders have been an important part of the formation and growth of Lafayette Urban Ministry since the late 1950s. The difference today is that these women by virtue of their positions within their church have the authority to make real change in our community.

Join us in honoring these women religious leaders and ALL of the other women who have leadership roles in LUM Member Churches, by saying their names:

  • Dr. Karen Atcheson
  • Rev. Jennie Barrington
  • Rev. Dr. Hilary Cooke
  • Rev. Pamela Jones-Horne
  • Rev. Elizabeth Lee
  • Rev. Tracey Leslie
  • Rev. Dr. Gladys Nwabah
  • Rev. SJ Winter

LUM is lucky to have leaders with their insight, passion, expertise, and experience engaged at LUM.

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