LUM Immigration Clinic – New Logo

New Sub-Logo Depicts “Connecting & Cooperating”

A new sub-logo has been created for the LUM Immigration Clinic. The logo was designed to complement the primary LUM logo and brand and better depict the immigrant experience today.

The artist, Florencia Moreira from M-Design (Argentina), shared that,

The new logo represents the welcoming of the immigrants with a modern style and a more integrative vision. As human beings, we can connect and cooperate with each other to make this world a better place. 

In this new logo you will see three individuals connecting and cooperating while engaging with LUM to explore a better future. Florencia Moreira also created the new Hunger Hike logo in 2022. The new LUM Immigration Clinic logo will be official introduced at the LUM Gala of Hope — a fundraising event for the LUM Immigration Clinic on Saturday, June 24, 2023, during National Immigrant Heritage Month.

Founded in 2014, the LUM Immigration Clinic helps individuals from other countries, who are legally in the US, to navigate the often difficult and confusing Immigration and Naturalization Service bureaucracy. In 2022, the LUM Immigration Clinic served 291 families & individuals, consulting with them 821 times. Please consider an investment in the LUM Immigration Clinic with a donation today or by attending the LUM Gala of Hope on Saturday, June 24.

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