Director’s Vision for the Immigration Clinic

Christian Gallo Challenges LUM to “Thrive”

Christian Gallo, LUM Immigration Clinic director shared that, “The vision I have for the LUM Immigration Clinic is to thrive. We are doing important work today, but can always improve how we serve others and expand into new areas to serve more. As an example, I would like to see the LUM Immigration Clinic assist more clients through the long and complicated Immigration Court process. If we focus on getting more of our volunteers fully accredited then we will be able to represent more clients. We also can do a better job of supporting our volunteers with resources and training. The LUM Immigration Clinic must also engage with our local, state and federal elected officials and organizations, including foreign national consulates, to increase awareness and to better serve our community as a whole.”

Christian Gallo (pictured above with a grateful client) grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Colegio Champagnat, Master in Laws degree from Indiana University, and JD from Universidad Católica Argentina (Buenos Aires). Christian has many years of experience in immigration law and speaks four languages: Spanish, English, Italian, and Portuguese.

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