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Home Glory Properties in central Indiana is not a social service agency but rather a small business guided by faith that seeks to balance profit with doing good for others. The mission of Home Glory Properties is to rehabilitate homes in need of a second chance, in order to create homes for people in need of a second chance. 

The business was founded by former missionaries, Indira and Doug Hsu, who have personally experienced God’s redemptive work in their lives. Over the years, they have strived to bring that same redemptive hope – and that same second chance – to others. 

Starting with some equity drawn from their own home, they have rehabbed half a dozen properties in Anderson, IN. Their goal is to create homes that they themselves would be happy to live in, to keep rents as low as possible by investing their own sweat equity, and to rent to down-on-their-luck people in need of a second chance.

Some of their tenants come to them as Section 8 clients through the Anderson Housing Authority. Others come as referrals from a local community organization. Still others come to them through Zillow. Doug and Indira are willing to work with people who have bad credit, criminal records, and other issues that usually make it impossible for them to rent from anyone but slumlords.  The couple feels that it is their calling to give these people a second chance. They fill their units with high quality stainless steel appliances and new bathroom fixtures, all while keeping rents low, and have even fronted utilities for people whose poor credit history prevents them from being able to get connections in their own name.

Doug and Indira see their tenants as more than just customers. They do what they can to encourage them, pray with them, talk them through difficult life issues, and help wherever they can. It doesn’t always work out, of course. They had one tenant with severe mental illness who actually called the cops on them. But that was simply a reminder of the sometimes painful road that Christ himself had to walk. 

That same attitude comes to the fore in their relationship with their contractors. Doug and Indira look for people who can do good work, but lack fancy websites or pretty business cards – contractors and handymen who are struggling to make a name for themselves. They share what it is they’re trying to do, and have found contractors who are willing, even eager, to work with them.

Indira tells the story of one contractor they hired who had been struggling with a drug addiction. They gave him a chance. Shortly after hiring him, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Instead of canceling the contract and hiring someone else, they gave him the keys to the apartment and let him use it as a refuge while he went through chemo. He continued to work on the unit at his own pace for many more months, finishing the work with a huge sense of pride just two weeks before he passed away. They treated one another like family, and Doug and Indira are still grateful that the Lord gave them a chance to stand beside this man in his time of need.

To learn more, visit https://homegloryproperties.com/

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