McAllister Foundation Gives $7,000 to LUM

Good Samaritan Fund – Emergency Assistance

Christmas came a little early this year, when Dave Webb delivered a check for $7,000 from the the Alfred J. & Dorothy N. McAllister Foundation. Dave stated that, “the McAllister Foundation normally makes a year end donation to LUM around Christmas time but this year with COVID-19 menace and board members’ schedules, our meeting was held earlier; and I have a check for LUM to use in helping feed and pay utilities for your clients.” Gayle Koning, LUM assistant business manager is pictured receiving the check from Dave Webb, which will be added to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund.

In May, the McAllister Foundation awarded the LUM youth programs a $12,100 grant for much needed improvements at the LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center. LUM is thankful for the tremendous support from the McAllister Foundation board, which makes it possible for LUM to support local children and families in a time of need.

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