Purdue Timmy Global Support Continues

School Supplies Drive & Pen Pals

The members of Purdue Timmy Global Health have consistently been supportive of LUM, especially the LUM After School Program — and COVID-19 has not stopped them this year. Purdue Timmy members recently sponsored a “School Supplies Drive” to benefit LUM and launched a weekly Pen Pal program matching LUM students with Purdue Timmy members. LUM has been thankful for the support of Purdue Timmy but is especially appreciative this year considering the challenges of 2020. {Pictured is the current Purdue Timmy Global Health leadership team.}

If you or your group, organization or business wishes to support LUM Youth Programs in a similar way, please email or call Kristi Hogue (khogue@lumserve.org | 765-423-2691).

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