LUM Finances – Audit Report for 2018

Financial Report, Audit & Tax Return – Online Now
At the August meeting of the LUM executive council, associates from Edward Opperman Certified Public Accountants presented an overview of the LUM Report on Audit of Financial Statements (Dec. 31, 2018 & 2017). Presenting was the CPA who prepared the report and most recent tax return, Edward Opperman (pictured at the head of the table).
Opperman shared that,
“LUM’s finances are in very good order and would be the envy of any non-profit organization.” 
He also stated that,
“LUM is financially stable and strong. There is a good balance between operating revenue and expenses managed by a very professional business office staff who keep clear records of fiscal transactions. LUM is spending money on programs & services that are in line with its mission statement and less on overhead — which is impressive!”
Thanks to the vision and leadership of the LUM Board of Directors, executive director and business office staff, as well as the generous support of the many financial donors, Lafayette Urban Ministry has established a history of being fiscally sound, allowing its vital programs and services to adapt and grow with the needs of the children and families in our community.

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