LUM Converting Light Bulbs – Saving Energy

LUM Maintenance Director Replacing 882 Bulbs

In a project to save energy and save money, LUM is in the process of replacing 882 florescent bulbs with LED light bulbs.

The details of the project are as follows:

  • Total bulbs = 882
  • Cost = $6,870
  • Rebate = $4 per bulb = $3,528
  • Savings = 1/3 of our current energy
  • Savings = ~$5,500 per year

Thanks to Nate Gick (pictured), LUM Maintenance Director, for coordinating the entire project including purchasing, replacing bulbs, rewiring each unit, removing ballasts, making repairs as needed & recycling old bulbs and ballasts.

If your church or nonprofit could use our old bulbs and ballasts, please email or call LUM (lum@lumserve.org | 765-423-2691). Available are 300 – 2 foot florescent bulbs; 400 – 4 foot florescent bulbs; and 200 working electrical florescent ballasts.

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