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LUM Director Pursues HVAC/EPA Certification

Nate Gick Enrolled in HVAC Maintenance Program

Nate Gick, the LUM Maintenance Director, was recently accepted into the HVAC Maintenance Technology Program at the AC/C Tech – Indianapolis. Starting next week, Nate will be taking classes at their satellite location in Williamsport in electric & gas furnace maintenance, EPA technician certification, AC & heat pump maintenance and electricity. He will complete 200 hours of training, 110 hours of online training, 40 hours of in-field training with an instructor, and 50 hours of on-the-job training. Nate will then be awarded a Technical Certificate in HVAC Maintenance Technology and EPA Technician Certification. This training will have an immediate positive impact at LUM as Nate continues to maintain & clean all of the LUM properties. LUM is proud of Nate for taking the initiative and getting accepted in this program and wish him luck as he begins his training.

LUM Converting Light Bulbs – Saving Energy

LUM Maintenance Director Replacing 882 Bulbs

In a project to save energy and save money, LUM is in the process of replacing 882 florescent bulbs with LED light bulbs.

The details of the project are as follows:

  • Total bulbs = 882
  • Cost = $6,870
  • Rebate = $4 per bulb = $3,528
  • Savings = 1/3 of our current energy
  • Savings = ~$5,500 per year

Thanks to Nate Gick (pictured), LUM Maintenance Director, for coordinating the entire project including purchasing, replacing bulbs, rewiring each unit, removing ballasts, making repairs as needed & recycling old bulbs and ballasts.

If your church or nonprofit could use our old bulbs and ballasts, please email or call LUM (lum@lumserve.org | 765-423-2691). Available are 300 – 2 foot florescent bulbs; 400 – 4 foot florescent bulbs; and 200 working electrical florescent ballasts.