Jubilee Christmas Assisted 682 Local Families

Impacting 1,945 Children in Tippecanoe County

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The 37th annual Lafayette Urban Ministry Jubilee Christmas Program took place recently at 26 sites throughout Lafayette/West Lafayette.

Thirty churches along with Sigma Chi Fraternity at Purdue, numerous individuals, businesses and clubs provided gifts of new toys, books, food, and clothing, to parents from 682 local households impacting 1,945 local children. Jubilee Christmas is designed to let mom and dad be the heroes, rather than providing gifts to children at a large party or having volunteers deliver toys directly to the home. Jubilee Christmas strengthens families by supporting the important role of parents at Christmas time.

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On Jubilee Christmas Saturday, parents arrived at their designated Jubilee Christmas site and with the assistance of a host, selected and gift-wrapped toys, clothing, books and stocking stuffers for their children. Each family also received a food card, homemade Christmas cookies and a holiday ham. Over $250,000 worth of toys and food was distributed; and it took over 1,200 individual volunteers to make it a success as it does every year.

A program of this size is a real benefit to our local retail economy. All the gifts, food, food cards and gift cards for Jubilee Christmas were purchased locally. As a result of Jubilee Christmas, LUM will also see fewer requests for emergency rent and utility assistance in January and February.

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Jubilee Christmas

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Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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Jubilee Christmas

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