Eileen Hession Weiss is Back!

Eileen is Serving as Assistant LUM Camp Director

Eileen Hession Weiss is a familiar face at LUM, who has returned to assist with LUM Camp 2017.

Eileen officially retired in 2013. She served as the LUM business manager four years and prior to that was a LUM project manager for 21 months in 2000 & 2001.

At LUM, Eileen has directed Jubilee Christmas, Tax Assistance Program, Community Thanksgiving Celebration and Hunger Hike; and assisted with LUM Camp & LUM Follies. One of the highlights of her career was when she was elected to serve as the City Clerk for the City of Lafayette from 1984-1995.

Although Eileen now enjoys retirement closer to her grandchildren, Campbell Rose, Max, and Nicole, she has been willing to return to LUM to assist when needed.  Joe Micon, LUM executive director shared, “we’re thrilled and honored to have Eileen back — even if it is only for a few weeks.”


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