Local Citizens Urge Governor to Veto Indiana State Bill 423

Several local citizens are urging Governor Holcomb to veto SB 423, an Indiana Bill banning so-called sanctuary campuses in Indiana. In their letter to the governor, these individuals point out that this measure is largely symbolic and mostly political since Indiana has NO sanctuary campuses and everything in this bill is already addressed in federal law.

They also offered that they opposed this bill for the following reasons:

  • it only adds another layer of fear and intimidation
  • it is superficial at best
  • its only real value is political posturing
  • it could potentially lead to disaffection within the immigrant community
  • the amount of money and resources dedicated to the consideration of this bill could have been used toward more weighty issues impacting Hoosiers
  • it would cause a decrease in nonresident tuition revenue for Purdue

A “vote for” this bill (YEA) was a “vote against” immigrants. Here is how your legislators voted:

To read the entire letter to the Honorable Eric Holcomb from these concerned citizens urging him to Veto SB 423, click HERE.


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