LUM Launches Client Information Website

After over five months of planning, copy-writing, and designing, Lafayette Urban Ministry is excited to announce the launch of the new LUM Client Website (client.lumserve.org).


This new LUM Client Website complements the current LUM main website but will focus exclusively on the important and relevant information to better serve the clients of the various LUM programs & services — including the Emergency Shelter, After School Program, Summer Camp, Financial Assistance, Immigration Services, Food Pantry & more. Furthermore, the new LUM Client Website is groundbreaking, innovative and transformative.

Very few non-profits have this level of information available online exclusively for their clients, which sets LUM apart from other agencies and is strategically planned to meet the needs of clients today as well as in the future.

Like most nonprofit organizations, the LUM main website serves the important role of (1) sharing news and information with the community, (2) recruiting volunteers and (3) soliciting donations. The new LUM Client Website is intentionally designed to have a different and single focus — client information. More and more of the LUM families have access to the internet and are expecting information to be available online. The new LUM Client Website gives clients information on WHAT we offer, WHO is eligible, HOW to sign up including what to bring with you when you come into the LUM Office. In many cases — like our children’s programs — individuals may now apply and pay all fees online. The new LUM Client Website is going to transform in a positive way how we serve our clients.

LUM is confident that our new website will be easy to navigate for our clients and will make the connection between LUM and the families in our community more meaningful. Check it out and see for yourself — click HERE.

The new LUM Client Website was produced by the LUM webmaster, Pablo Malavenda. Additional thanks go out to the LUM volunteer IT consultant, Greg Veldman.


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