Career Opportunites

Program Director – Emergency Shelter

Type: Full time, Salary
Immediate Supervisor: Executive Director
Starting Salary: $33,628
Benefits: $10,088
Terms of Employment: As specified in the LUM Personnel Policies
Hours of Employment: 37.5 hours per week including evening hours in shelter
Emergency Homeless Shelter

  • Is present at the shelter from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., five nights each week
  • Supervises Shelter Security Staff
  • Leads monthly shelter staff meetings
  • Recruits shelter volunteers
  • Ensures that all volunteers are properly trained
  • Ensures that all volunteers are provided opportunity to schedule themselves
  • Keeps shelter staff informed of changes in policies and procedures
  • Assures shelter rules and policies are being adhered to
  • Assures that simple evening meal and light morning snack are provided to shelter guests
  • Submits purchase orders and purchases shelter supplies as needed
  • Assures that shelter is clean and orderly at all times according to facility cleaning checklists
  • Assures that shelter maintenance needs are promptly reported to executive director
  • Coordinates pick-up and delivery of linens with St. Elizabeth Hospital or its designee
  • Maintains shelter guest records on the LUM database
  • Administers CDBG and grants including applications, monthly claims, and audits
  • Responsible for enforcement of disciplinary policies
  • Attends monthly HPN meetings

Case Management/Pass Distribution

  • Recruits, trains, schedules and supervises pass distribution volunteers
  • Assures guests have onsite access to addiction recovery materials and support group participation
  • Participates in daily pass distribution visiting briefly each day with each shelter guest
  • Oversees match program for guests who have income
  • Maintains accurate client records on the LUM database
  • Maintains client confidentiality
  • Treats guests respectfully
  • Acknowledges guest victories large and small

Other Responsibilities

  • Provides written report of monthly activities to Executive Director for presentation to the Board
  • Attends LUM staff meetings
  • Represents LUM’s program to church, civic, and community groups

Minimum Requirements

  • Have a strong faith dynamic as expressed by a willingness to accept and support LUM’s Mission Statement
  • Commitment to self-determination of the poor
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Experience in program administration and volunteer recruitment and coordination
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to work cooperatively with diverse people and groups (church, secular, public, private, low-income)
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to travel when needed as required by job duties

Security Staff Position – Emergency Shelter

Type: Part-time, paid
Hours: Daily – 8 p.m. to midnight or midnight to 7 a.m.
Pay: $13.00 per hour

  • Maintains safety of guests, volunteers and premises, a team environment modeling mutual respect, and a professional and safe environment
  • Ensures compliance with Shelter Rules
  • Monitors arrival, departure, activity within shelter, activity outside within three blocks of the building
  • Disciplines guests who are noncompliant; refers guests to police when necessary
  • Submits written reports of daily activities and incidents

If interested—please Email, Mail or Drop-off a resume with cover letter to Todd Wesbrook, LUM Emergency Shelter Director ( | 420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901).