LUM Celebrates “Dads” on Father’s Day

Annual LUM Day for Dads – Sunday, June 16

LUM Day for Dads is an annual event designed to encourage and celebrate fathers who are engaged with their children and families. Seventy individuals from close to 20 families will participate in an afternoon at the Lafayette Aviators baseball game at Loeb Stadium typically on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16.

Each dad and their family members receive for FREE — a LUM Day for Dads T-shirt, game ticketfood & drink vouchers, and an Aviators baseball cap. Highlights of the event are LUM appearing on the jumbotron and hearing the announcer thank the LUM Dads for “their important role in their children’s lives.“ The participating fathers (and relevant father figures) are grateful for the LUM Day for Dads and the chance to be with their children on Father’s Day.

If you wish to invest in LUM Day for Dads, please consider a donation or become an event sponsor. Click the button below or email lum@LUMserve.org for more information.

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